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Man kicks passenger off bus in Canada for harassing driver

Tensions were high on a bus ride in Victoria last week after a passenger was kicked off the vehicle for harassing the driver.

Intense video footage taken by British Columbia native Revati Dasi shows a relatively empty bus, save the two men, Dasi and the driver.

The exchange happened on July 19 outside of Island Blue Print Co. Ltd., an art supply store at 905 Fort St. in Victoria, Dasi confirmed to Freshdaily.

Both buses 11 and 14 run past the store, but Dasi said she couldn't remember which one she was on.

As the footage begins, the man dressed in shorts, a blue hoodie and a baseball cap, slowly walks down the aisle toward a passenger in front.

The opposing passenger can be heard discussing taxes he pays, followed by: "And you have the gall to mouth off to me like that? Shitty bus service anyway."

He could barely finish his "critique" of the Victoria Regional Transit system when the cap-wearing man jumped in, finger pointed, and yelled: "Why don't you take a step back, man?"

"Leave her the fuck alone," he continues to scream, grabbing the man by his jacket and shoving him toward the door, telling him to "get the fuck off."

The man begrudgingly disembarks and the video ends but the fear lasted, Dasi said.

"It was pretty intense for everyone who was there," she told Freshdaily in an Instagram direct message.

"I think [the bus driver] was scared of both people involved."

One person seemed to have a different perspective, tweeting: "Good! We need more people to use their privilege to stand up for what is right."

Lead photo by

Revati Dasi

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