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Niagara Falls boat tour shows how Canada and the U.S. have such a different approach to COVID-19

The Niagara Falls boat tour is very much like a Charles Dickens novel: a tale of two cities. Videos and pictures of the boat tour from Canada versus the boat tour leaving the U.S. have been going viral on social media, and it's not hard to see why.

To put it into perspective, Maid of the Mist, which operates from the American side of Niagara Falls, is operating at 50 per cent capacity and currently allowing about 230 guests on board at once.

Canada's Hornblower boat tours is allowing a maximum of six guests aboard each ship, in accordance with Ontario Public Health guidelines.

Admittedly, there are some differences between the two cruises โ€” Hornblower charges close to $70 for 20 minutes, for example, allowing for a higher turnover of guests, while Maid of the Mist charges $22.25 for 30 minutes โ€” but the photos are still perhaps illustrative of a larger problem.

As of Friday, the United States has a total of about 3.56 million cases of COVID-19, per the CDC website. Canada has 109,669 cases, per the government website.

Healthcare experts chalk up the discrepancy in cases mostly to Canada's strong healthcare system, early and widespread testing, and longer shutdowns. However, looking at the pictures of the Niagara Falls boat tour, social distancing policies also certainly seem to differ.

As you might expect, Canadians and Americans alike had a lot to say about the crazy difference between the boat tours departing from Canada and the United States.

"You couldn't pay me to get on a boat with that many people," one person wrote.

"And sadly I think that's why our border won't open till 2021," an American wrote.

"We are garbage," another American added.

With America adopting a "the more, the ferrier" approach, many Canadians are relieved that the border will officially remain closed until at least Aug. 21.

"One of the reasons a huge percentage of Canadians don't want the border opened up any time soon," one person wrote. "Americans are giving zero f*cks to social distancing."

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