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Alarming video shows Niagara Falls packed with people and no social distancing

An alarming video posted to YouTube by popular theme park channel Amusement Insiders shows hordes of people gathered at Niagara Falls with no social distancing in place and hardly any mask usage.

The video, taken at Clifton Hill's Street of Fun by Cole Morningstar, is titled "SHUT DOWN Niagara Falls" and aims to reveal just how dangerous the area is amid the global pandemic. 

"Dear Doug Ford, this is what happens when you open up things that are not run by a private company like... Canada's Wonderland and other places, and allow people to roam free without proper security guards, social distancing stickers, and other things that help prevent situations like this," says narrator Brendan Cross at the beginning of the video.

"This, right here, is exactly why our cases are climbing in Ontario."

And cases are slowly creeping up in the province. Yesterday, Ontario reported 203 new cases of the virus, which was the highest number confirmed within a 24-hour period in roughly three weeks. 

Meanwhile, the video shows crowds of people lining up for rides, playing in arcades and entering haunted houses — where scare actors appear to actually be touching people.

"This is absolutely insane. By the way, masks aren't required here... In fact, there's a lot of people here not wearing masks and what's weird is, I honestly thought Canada was doing really well wearing masks," Cross says.

"In my hometown, Aurora in York Region, everywhere I go there's people wearing masks. Here? Very few. This is how wave two starts, but there's been no mention of it. There's been absolutely no mention of what's going on at Niagara Falls."

Throughout his voiceover, Cross points out that everyone from children to elderly people were present at Niagara Falls when this video was taken, and that while Ford and the media have constantly pointed how busy beaches and parks have been in Ontario, nothing has been said about the overcrowding in Niagara. 

"This right here, look at it. This looks worse than before what is going on in the world right now. This is crazy!" Cross says.

"I’m telling you that it spread just in this night alone."

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Amusement Insiders

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