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A pink whale was spotted swimming off the coast of Newfoundland

A pink whale was spotted happily swimming off the coast of Newfoundland in early July, and the whale is so rosy-hued that you might think it had a sunburn.

Lorna Annette spotted the uniquely coloured whale — believed to be a minke whale — while she was in Long Beach on July 2.

The Newfoundland resident posted a video to Facebook showing the whale splashing in the water, blissfully unaware of the humans watching nearby.

Another Newfoundland resident has shared a video of another pink minke whale since then.

In the video, you can see that the whale's stomach has a reddish tinge to it too, as if it spent too long in the sun.

So why are the whales pink?

Well, it could be because the whales are simply doing some massive bellyflops, according to Jack Lawson, a research scientist with Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans who spoke with CBC News.

Lawson said that he's seen pictures and a video of a minke whale smashing down hard on its belly while feeding.

When the whale rolled over, its stomach was tinged pink.

"So I think, like us, if we jumped off a diving board many times and landed on our bellies we'd get this nice pink undercoating," he said.

Lawson added that the rosy hue could also be a result of the mammal physically exerting itself, which causes blood to rush to the surface as a natural coolant.

The pink whale is certainly making waves with Canadians, many of whom have taken to social media to comment on the gentle pink giant.

"This majestic Pink whale made my morning," one person wrote.

"Pretty cool!" another person wrote. "Who knew!?"

Lead photo by

Lorna Annette

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