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Man goes on racist tirade at Halifax cab driver and it was all caught on video

A taxi driver in Halifax remained impressively calm on Thursday after a passenger went on a tirade that escalated into a barrage of racist insults.

In the shocking video, the passenger — who claims to be a former government employee — uses several racial slurs and tells driver Kuldip Dhunna that they don't need immigrants "coming here and trying to take our jobs."

Dhunna politely asks the passenger to get out of the car several times throughout the video but he refuses to do so until Dhunna says that he'll involve the police.

On Thursday, Dhunna's daughter shared the video to Twitter, captioning it, "Yes this is in Canada."

The passenger's racist tirade was a result of Dhunna asking him to wear a mask since he was coughing, the driver explained to CBC News.

"Very politely, I told him to wear a mask next time due to COVID," Dhunna said. "And he said, 'No, I've already tested for COVID, my COVID is negative.' He scared me, so that's why I said, 'Still, if you have a negative and you have a cough, you have to wear a mask in the cab.'"

Dhunna — who is originally from India, but has been in Canada since 2007 — has an autoimmune disease that makes him more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, according to his daughter.

The viral video has racked up over 120,000 views since it was posted yesterday, with Canadians across the country taking to social media to condemn the passenger's behaviour.

"My dad's a taxi driver too and honestly the amount of times he's been called out and nothing's been done is disgusting," one person wrote. "Some people are so rude and racist."

"This made my blood boil," another person said.

Dhunna told CBC News that this was his first experience with racism since arriving in Canada.

"I just wish I was there to defend my dad," Dhunna's daughter wrote on Twitter. "I watched this over and over again and it breaks my heart."

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Simran Dhunna

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