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Someone went to a shopping mall in Canada totally covered in saran wrap

Saran wrap isย a useful kitchen tool to keep your burrito fresh, and also an excellent outfit to wear to your local shopping mall, according to one man in Nanaimo, B.C.

On Monday afternoon, the man was spotted wandering around the Woodgrove Mall clad in nothing but saran wrap, a black leotard and a pair of black hiking boots.

Oh, and a pair of red underwear over his face.

According to Victoria Buzz, witnesses said the man called himself a "COVID Avenger," apparently protesting against the mask-wearing policies that many Canadian cities are now enforcing.

Mall security seems to have approached the Avenger when the photos were captured, presumably with plenty of questions.

The Avenger's identity remains unknown.

Meanwhile across the country, a number of Toronto residents took to the streets today to protest against mask policies, chanting things like "no new normal" and "take off your mask."

None of them appeared to have been wearing saran wrap.

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