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Scotiabank applauded after turning away a customer without a face mask

A Scotiabank location in Canada is being applauded across the country after denying service to an Ontario customer that refused to wear a face mask while inside of the bank.

On Monday, the woman posted about her experience on social media.

"Scotiabank in Barrie refused to let us in without a face covering," she wrote in the now-deleted post. "This is essential business. Our money. They refused to let us in an empty bank without face covering."

Canadians were quick to jump to the bank's defence, thanking Scotiabank for turning the customer away.

"Good, as they should have done," a Toronto resident wrote. "The Bank's eminently sensible behaviour reminds me why I love being a customer and will always do business with them."

"Thank you Scotiabank for protecting your employees from people that have little regard for them or any other customers," another person wrote.

"Scotiabank in my home town let me in because I'm taking their health and safety seriously," yet another Canadian wrote. "I wear a mask and wait outside if there are too many clients indoors. I keep my distance and wait patiently."

The Ontario woman in question alleges that she can't wear a face mask due to a health condition.

"I straightforwardly told the guard that I have a health issue and a doctor's note confirming it," she wrote. "I cannot wear a mask. I was denied entry unless I put one on. What are you going to do to stand up for those of us with disabilities in this regard?"

In other recent tweets, the Ontario woman has also referred to face masks as a "tangible symbol of subjugation" along with making other anti-mask comments.

Scotiabank has since responded to the woman's claim, saying that they'll look into the matter.

Although Scotiabank does not have an official policy mandating face masks, the City of Barrie requires that a face covering be worn while in  a public indoor setting, with the exception of those people with a medical condition.

Dr. Charles Gardner, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit's medical officer of health, says that wearing a face mask can help reduce the spread of the virus.

"Requiring the public to wear a face-covering is an extra step to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and is key for the continued successful reopening of the local economy and to safeguard our residents against the virus," Gardner said, per CTV News.

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