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Sport Chek employee seen attacking BLM protesters with hockey stick in Winnipeg

A Sport Chek employee is the subject of a police investigation after a disturbing video emerged of the woman attacking two peaceful protestors with a hockey stick in Winnipeg.

The violent assault occurred on Saturday evening, during a Black and Indigenous Lives Matter rally.

One of the people attacked, Theo Landry, told the Winnipeg Free Press that he and his friend Judith were lying in the street and blocking traffic as part of the protest before the incident occurred.

Landry said a car with four occupants eventually pulled up and a woman began yelling slurs at them, as well as making multiple threats that they would "get hurt."

In response, Landry moved to let vehicles pass, but the woman stepped out of the car with a hockey stick.

In the disturbing video posted by a third-party, the Sport Chek employee is seen chasing Landry with the hockey stick. Judith hurries forward to intervene, and the woman turns on her instead.

Judith retained an injury to her head during the altercation, which is bleeding in the video.

Landry did not report any injuries, but his phone was taken by the attackers. When he eventually retrieved it, the phone had a cracked screen and a missing case.

According to multiple reports, the Winnipeg Police Service is now investigating the incident and are asking anyone with information to contact police.

Sport Chek has also said that they're aware of the incident and have "taken steps" to address the matter internally.

Multiple Canadians have reached out on social media to express their support for Landry and Judith following the attack on Saturday.

"I don't care if they were on the road, that never EVER justifies this level of immaturity and violence," one person wrote.

"This kind of violence against BLM protestors happened in Winnipeg," another person wrote. "If you honestly can't handle a peaceful protest, and your actions are to attack them, you are the problem."

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