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Truck driver in Canada saves man that rear-ended him from fiery blaze

A logging truck driver in Canada is being hailed as a hero after he saved the life of a man that crashed into his truck in Nanaimo, B.C. on early Wednesday morning.

Carl Wilson, the logging truck driver, was guiding his fully-loaded truck north on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Nanaimo Airport at around 6 a.m. when the crash occurred, per CTV News.

Wilson said that he felt a "great big bang" which prompted him to pull over and see the pick-up truck, which was already going up in a fiery blaze.

Thinking on his feet, Wilson grabbed a fire extinguisher and began to extinguish the flames. Then, working with a pair of passersby, he got the driver safely out of the truck.

Firefighters with North Oyster Fire Rescue, a local volunteer service, arrived on scene shortly after the incident.

"He definitely saved his life," North Oyster Fire Capt. Kristopher Hill told CTV. "The scene might have looked a lot different if he hadn't of done what he did."

The driver of the pickup truck was transported to a nearby hospital, having reportedly fallen asleep at the wheel.

In light of the news, Canadians have reached out to praise the truck driver's heroic actions and quick-thinking.

"Wow," one person wrote. "Amazing hero."

"Very lucky driver of the pickup truck," another person wrote, adding that it was the actions of "brave men" that resulted in the second driver being safely pulled out of the blaze.

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North Oyster Volunteer Fire Department

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