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Trump's press secretary just threw some serious shade at Canada

President Donald Trump thinks that Canada isn't worth visiting — at least, according to his National Press Secretary J. Hogan Gidley who had a lot to say on the subject during a Thursday interview.

When a CNN reporter brought up the ongoing U.S.-Canada border closure, Gidley dismissed her concern that Americans aren't allowed in our country for non-essential purposes.

"I get it," he said. "I'm not sure why you would want to go to Canada when we live in the greatest country on face of the planet."

"That's Donald Trump's mentality on it."

Clearly, Gidley has never heard of poutine, butter tarts, Tim Hortons, free healthcare, gun control policies, Ryan Reynolds, Lululemon and peanut butter (because, yeah, we invented that).

What a shame.

Naturally, Canadians are roasting Gidley in the comments, particularly given how case numbers across the U.S. currently stack up against Canada's cases of the virus.

"Why would anyone want to get OFF the Titanic?" one person wrote. "It's the greatest ship ever built!"

"Send a bag of ketchup chips and Smarties and see if the tune changes," another person wrote.

"As a Canadian I have to agree," yet another person wrote. "It sucks up here with our beautiful mountains, clean air, universal health care, competent leadership and willingness to listen to scientists and medical experts."

To put it in plain Canadian: sorry, Gidley, you just don't know enough aboot our country, eh?

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