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Canada left off the UK safe list

Canada made the E.U.'s safe list, but it hasn't made the cut for the U.K. one; the sovereign state released a list of 59 places that are part of its new "travel corridor exemption" on Thursday, and Canada isn't among them.

The new rule — which comes into effect on July 10 — will allow travellers from countries such as France, South Korea and Vietnam to enter England without quarantining.

Canadians can still technically travel to England, but they'll have to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving.

Portugal, the United States and Mexico were also left off the list.

Notably, the new rule only applies to England; Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will still require all travellers to quarantine for 14 days for the time being.

England's list was determined after the Joint Biosecurity Centre ran a risk assessment on various countries, per The Telegraph.

The decision is somewhat surprising, considering that Canada is, arguably, less of a risk than other countries on the list — including England itself.

As of Friday, Canada currently has a total of 104,772 COVID-19 cases; England, in comparison, has more than double that number, with just over 244,400 cases.

Even more confusingly, Canada was on the U.K.'s original safe list, but has since been removed.

Admittedly, England's population is slightly larger than Canada's population (56.28 million vs 37.97 million), so the number of cases per population could have been a factor in the decision.

Some Canadians have also suggested on social media that reciprocity could be playing a role, since Canada is virtually banning all non-residents from entering the country as of mid-March — including English citizens.

That reason does seem unlikely, however, considering that England is giving the green light to New Zealand, who is still restrcting almost all travel into the country for the time being.

As of July 4, people from the U.K. will no longer be advised against all non-essential to Canada, although Canada has yet to open its borders to international visitors.

For now, if you're a Canadian planning to visit the U.K. in the next few weeks, you may want to factor in an additional two weeks to quarantine during your stay.

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