wasaga beach open

Wasaga Beach to open again with special pods to help with social distancing

Wasaga Beach has finally announced plans to open again after swarms of visitors forced its closure earlier this month

The town council closed the beach on July 2 after crowds ignored physical distancing rules during the weekends of June 20, June 27 and on Canada Day. 

As a result, the sand-covered portion of Beach Drive was fenced off and roped off.

The town has now created four "beach pods" which will accommodate access for people who wish to access the area. One pod has been designed specifically for residents only.

wasaga beach open

An aerial photo shows the location of beach pods at Wasaga Beach. Photo by Town of Wasaga Beach

“Public health and safety has always been our prime concern during the pandemic and that is why we had to close the Beach Drive area earlier this month. People were not observing physical distancing and public health was at risk due to COVID-19," said Wasaga Mayor Nina Bifolchi. 

“Through our plan and the use of our pods we can control access to specific areas of the sand-covered portion of Beach Drive and control physical distancing within the pods."

Each pod has been assigned a certain capacity based on its size. Access to the pods will be controlled by one of nine beach ambassadors.

Other elements of the plan include prohibited activities in the space, such as sports and barbecues. Pets will also be prohibited from the pods.

The town will use signs and face-to-face conversations, initiated by ambassadors and municipal law enforcement staff, to educate visitors on the rules of the space.

The town will also use its website and social media channels to share information about the plan and the related rules.

Mayor Bifolchi added: "This new plan ensures we can manage the space properly, allowing visitors and residents to once again enjoy this part of our waterfront."

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