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3M will begin making N95 masks in Canada

Manufacturing giant 3M will begin to produce N95 respirator masks at its plant in Brockville, Ont., a move that will ensure Canada has a steady domestic supply of face masks, per CBC News.

The federal and provincial governments and the company will evenly split a financial investment of at least $70-million, with a goal of producing masks by 2021.

The two levels of government have also reportedly signed on to long-term agreements to buy masks from 3M.

Historically, Canada has been forced to rely on international suppliers such as the U.S. and China to secure N95 respirator masks throughout the pandemic — a situation that has caused problems.

In April, President Donald Trump ordered 3M to stop exporting medical supplies aboard, ultimately blocking the shipment of 3M face masks to Canada.

In a matter of days, 3M pushed back against the President's order, citing the significant humanitarian implications.

Similarly, Health Canada recalled a staggering number of China-manufactured face masks in May after the masks failed to meet health and safety standards.

Hopefully, 3M's new "made-in-Canada" N95 respirators will help to ensure that Canada is adequately stocked with personal protective equipment in the event of a second wave.

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