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Alberta man's car smashed as ugly spat with B.C. continues

An Alberta man lashed out at B.C. Premier John Horgan after his car was vandalized during a trip to Kamloops.

Horgan recently suggested that visitors from outside the province could  "use public transit," "get their plates changed" or "ride a bike" to avoid trouble from locals. The comments were made amid fears about the spread of COVID-19 in B.C.

Radio presenter Terry Evans took to Twitter to address Horgan after his car window was smashed after he parked overnight in Kamloops.

Evans explained that he had been helping his daughter move to Victoria this past weekend.

"I’m a born and raised BC boy residing in St Albert, AB," he wrote.

"Helped my daughter move to her new place in Victoria this past weekend, contributed a couple grand to the local economy woke up to this in Kamloops today. Too much faith in the good of BC, I suppose."

At a press conference in July, Horgan addressed visitors feeling concerned about possible trouble from residents who are concerned about the spread of COVID-19."I would suggest, perhaps, public transit. I would suggest that they get their plates changed. I would suggest they ride a bike," he said. 

In a second tweet, Evans called the premiere's comments "reckless."

"Your suggestion that out of province travellers should ride a bike or take a bus is the most asinine thing I’ve heard from an elected official. Sheer stupidity and arrogance. Perhaps speak out against these kinds of actions. Grow a pair. Idiot," he continued.

"We must all be respectful of each other. This pandemic has taught us that we’re at our best when we look out for each other," he added. 

Evans countered with another tweet Wednesday.

The spat continues.

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