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New billboards just went up in Canada suggesting Alberta should join the USA

If you live in in Edmonton or Ottawa, you might see some interesting billboards pretty soon. 

The Alberta USA Foundation, led by Wexit co-founder Peter Downing, said that they have paid for billboards to go up on Monday that feature a photo of U.S. President Donald Trump alongside the question, "Should ALBERTA join the USA?" 

"It's time to face the fact that the USA has all the freedom, job prospects, and investment capital that the people and industry of Alberta could ever want," the group's website reads.

"Canada, by comparison, will soon take even more wealth away from the youthful, highly skilled, and well-educated labour force of Alberta. This is because Ottawa must use it to subsidize the massive aging population in Eastern Canada that are on the verge of retirement."

While these billboards will only be up for a week, they will also appear in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City shortly after. 

A recent survey showed that 20 per cent of Albertans believe the separation of Western provinces from Canada is a good idea while 26 per cent said they could live with it. 

"If there's something that those in the political right and the political left in Alberta both agree on, it is that Jason Kenney is not doing a good job for Albertans," Downing told the Edmonton Journal.

Back in June, Downing resigned as the leader of the Wexit Canada party, which is now being led by veteran conservative politician Jay Hill. 

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