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Bear surprises customers after strolling into liquor store in Canada

It turns out that even bears like a glass of wine or a bottle of beer after a tough Monday!

Last Call Liquor Store in downtown Revelstoke had an unexpected guest pay a visit to their store on the evening of Monday, Aug. 24.

Owner Claudio Brunetti took to Facebook to share a CCTV image of the furry customer pondering the aisles his B.C. retailer. 

The image shows the only other person in the store looking rather surprised, with Brunetti revealing that the unfortunate customer "craped [sic] himself" upon seeing the huge black bear. 

The Facebook post generated some jokes with one person commenting "Its a spirit Bear!!" 

The following day, however, Revelstoke Bear Aware community posted a Facebook message to make locals aware of the unusual sighting. 

"A very habituated black bear wandered into the Last Call Liquor store last night," they told followers. 

According to the organization, the bear is believed to have broken into a pick-up truck and has also been seen eating garbage around the city. 

"He is a very large bear. Please be careful when travelling around Revelstoke," they added.

The organization ended its post by urging locals to "lock up" their garbage in order to prevent more bears from visiting other homes and stores in the area.

Lead photo by

Claudio Brunetti

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