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Canada Goose busy making PPE for frontline workers at its factory in Toronto

Canada Goose is playing a massive role in making sure frontline workers have the equipment they need to protect themselves as COVID-19 continues. 

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford shared photos of his visit to the Canadian outdoor clothing company's factory where he oversaw the production of medical gowns and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

He added the company is manufacturing over 260,000 PPE units and 60,000 gowns per week. 

While this appears to be a solid effort on Canada Goose's part, many people are not happy with Ford's support of the company which uses fur from trappers on the hood of their coats as well as goose down. 

"No amount of PPE they can manufacture will make up for the millions of innocent animals they had tortured & slaughtered, strictly for profit," one Twitter user wrote

"Canada Goose equals disgusting animal abuse," another person added. 

Back in April, Canada Goose announced plans to re-open all eight of its Canadian facilities with 900 employees in total working on production of gowns and PPE.

It is currently manufacturing over 2 million PPE units across all eight locations and has donated 14,000 units to facilities across Canada as well as 20,000 to the Mt. Sinai Health Network in New York City.

Canada Goose is contracted to produce 1.5 million units federally, 400,000 in Quebec, 260,000 in Ontario, and 100,000 in Manitoba. 

Also in April, the company said that they will use reclaimed fur starting in 2022 as opposed to purchasing new fur.

Freshdaily reached out to Canada Goose but they were unavailable for further comment.

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Doug Ford

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