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Provinces across Canada still at very different stages of recovery from COVID-19

When it comes to COVID-19 in Canada, provinces across the country have been affected in many different ways since March.

Whether it's job losses, business closures, or physical and mental health, it's safe to say that the pandemic has taken its toll on just about everyone.

While some provinces and territories have been more successful in handling the impacts this pandemic has brought on, others have not had as much luck.

On Tuesday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that the province will have the "most heavily-hit economy in Canada this year." 

"From the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we've said Alberta is being hit especially hard with a double whammy of the global coronavirus recession. On top of that, the collapse of energy prices which has clobbered our larges industry, oil and gas."

Kenney also said that Alberta's projected $20-billion deficit will be the worst the province has recorded in its history, and as a result he's decided to make a change in his cabinet.

Alberta's case count currently sits at just over 13,000.

In Quebec, on the other hand, government and health officials have said that things are looking up

"We have opened Quebec a great deal since May. As the result of that, we are currently successful in controlling the level of COVID-19 transmission," said Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé said in a press conference. 

However, Dubé went on to say that their work is not yet done.

"We have succeeded, but this is very fragile. We need to make sure that Quebecers are following those rules."

He also added that 80 cases per day in Quebec, with a population of 8.5 million, makes the province one of the places where the pandemic is being best controlled in the world. This is despite the province seeing more than 61,000 cases. 

Officials in other provinces are also reporting some positive numbers. 

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott said on Thursday that the province reported 118 new coronavirus cases. In total, Ontario has over 41,000 cases.

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