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Canada to spend an additional $2 billion to help provinces safely reopen schools

The Canadian government is lending a helping hand to each province and territory for the safe reopening of schools in September. 

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that the federal government will be spending $2 billion in an effort to minimize the challenges created in the classroom by COVID-19.

Sources have told CBC that the money will be divided on a per capita basis based on student population and that the provinces and territories will be able to decide how best to use the money. 

Sending kids back to school has been a source of debate between many across the country including health professionals and parents.

While some say that schools are not prepared to deal with reopening amid the pandemic, others believe smaller class sizes would be the solution. 

"It doesn’t matter where you live is not the point, the point still stands that America did what Canada is about to do (reopen schools) and they had an increase in covid cases and deaths so again that’s your answer," another person wrote on Twitter. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce said that the province is investing in schools to ensure they have the proper ventilation and personal protective equipment. 

"In the area of ventilation the province recently announced an additional $50 million. On an annual basis, every single year, under this government we're allocating $1.4 billion in maintenance and renewal funding," he said. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to make a formal announcement on the $2 billion from Toronto on Wednesday. 

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