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Man condemned for verbally assaulting woman at MP Catherine McKenna's office

People have lots to say after a man approached Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna's constituency office and shouted profanities last week. 

A video posted to social media on the weekend shows the man ringing the doorbell at McKenna's office in Ottawa. He appears to have taken the video himself. 

After a female employee answered the door, the man asked to speak to McKenna but was told that the office was not open due to COVID-19. This promoted the man's obscenity-filled tirade in which he called the politician a "c**t" before the employee shut the door. 

Now, McKenna is receiving support on social media from many people, including fellow politician Jagmeet Singh who said that women in politics are often faced with this kind of hatred.

Others have called the man's rant misogynistic, threatening, and frightening. 

As a result, some have even called for the man to be arrested. 

As of Monday, the Ottawa police hate crimes unit is investigating the incident. McKenna has also addressed it, saying that this was not an isolated incident. 

"It's not just involving me, my staff members, my family. Too often there are incidents against politicians, often female politicians," she said. "I want the girls and women out there to think that they can go in and make a difference but not have to put up with this garbage."

Following her re-election last fall, someone spray-painted similar words across a photo of McKenna's face on the window of her office.

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Catherine McKenna

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