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Chrystia Freeland is already being slammed for lack of Bay Street experience

Chrystia Freeland, Canada's deputy prime minister, recently replaced Bill Morneau as the country's federal finance minister in a much publicized move. 

Freeland has held many titles throughout her political career, however this one is particularly impressive as she is the first female finance minister in Canadian history.  

However, upon her swearing in on Tuesday, some pointed out that she does not have the "Bay Street experience" her predecessor does.

In fact a CBC article titled "Freeland doesn't have the same Bay Street experience as Morneau. Does it matter?" was published the next day.

Morneau was previously the CEO of a large Canadian human resource firm, Morneau Shepell, which - yes, you guessed it - has an office on Bay Street, the centre of Toronto's financial district. 

Now, many Canadians are expressing their frustration for the criticism Freeland is receiving while pointing out that she has tons of political experience instead. 

"She’s Harvard educated, worked for the Economist, The Financial Times, was the Deputy Editor of the Globe and Mail, has written books on Russia’s change from communism to oligargists (sic) and speaks five languages," someone else wrote

Others added that the way Freeland is being judged is actually quite misogynistic and would not be happening if she were a man. 

"Screw this narrative. Do we ask this when men take these positions? No. Scheer was a failed insurance clerk and no one said he couldn’t run the country. #Freeland," another Twitter user said

Prior to taking on this new role, Freeland worked in editorial positions at the Financial Times, The Globe and Mail, and Thomson Reuters where she was the managing director.

She was elected to the House of Commons in 2013 and appointed to the cabinet in 2015. In 2017, she became the minister of foreign affairs. 

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