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Drivers in Canada with U.S. licence plates want you to know they're Canadian

Canadians who own cars with U.S. licence plates are making huge efforts to make sure that their vehicles don't get vandalized. 

It's no secret that U.S. licence plates have been less than well-received in Canada since the border between the two countries first closed back in March. 

B.C. Premier John Horgan recently suggested that visitors from outside the province could  "use public transit," "get their plates changed" or "ride a bike" to avoid trouble from locals. 

One owner of a vehicle with California plates in Vancouver made it very clear that they are abiding by the province's quarantine rules. 

"I am Canadian and have completed my 14 day quarantine," read a sign posted on the side of the car. 

The note was also accompanied by a maple leaf sticker, for extra Canadian emphasis. 

This isn't the first time that owners of cars with U.S. licence plates have been forced to explain themselves in Canada. 

Another vehicle was spotted with a hand written notice across their back window. 

"Relax. I'm Canadian. Finished Quarantine," it read. 

Meanwhile, Canadians keep reporting sightings of cars with U.S.plates all over the country.

While many Americans work in Canada, some of the visitors are almost certainly here for leisure purposes.

The U.S. Canada border closure keeps getting extended and right now it will remain closed until at least Sept. 21.

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