long nosed chimaera fish

A fisherman in Canada just caught one of the strangest fish ever seen

A Canadian fisherman got quite a shock after hauling in a mysterious and bizarre-looking creature on a recent fishing trip. 

Gary Goodyear, from Templeman, N.L., told CBC that he was fishing for turbot last week when he caught a nearly metre-long long-nosed chimaera by accident. 

He explained that his nets were approximately 800 metres deep when his crew pulled them up and noticed the odd creature.

"We're hauling away, and by and by, I seen this coming around the roller. I said, 'Good God! What in the heck was that?'" Goodyear said.

"I've never seen nothing like that before!"

Goodyear took to Facebook to see if any of his friends could identify the fish.

"What a weird looking fish we pulled from the depths on our turbot trip. Does anybody know what it is?" he wrote.

While Goodyear and his crew were handling the fish with bare hands, they learned later that its spine actually has venom.

"It was just another fish to us," he said. 

Many took to social media to comment on how strange the fish looked and on how many creatures the ocean contains that humans don't really know about. 

"Please add the long-nosed chimaera to the museum. It’s such a fascinating deep sea creature," another Twitter user said

According to experts, the long-nose chimaera is a deep-water fish that is often found 200 to 1,000 metres below the water's surface. It's likely that the rare creature died while being lifted out of the water, as most do. 

Goodyear previously appeared on the show Cold Water Cowboys, which followed the action on fishing boats off the coast of Newfoundland.

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Gary Goodyear

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