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GoodLife Fitness overwhelmed by calls from people trying to pause or cancel memberships

GoodLife Fitness has now reopened all locations in Canada. While this may be good news for the avid gym-goer who wants to get rid of those extra quarantine pounds, others are not too pleased with the Canadian fitness chain. 

Many GoodLife Fitness members who aren't ready to go back to the gym are complaining about the challenges they've had freezing their memberships or cancelling it altogether. 

GoodLife's website does not make it easy. Buried among the many link is a convoluted contact form you need to fill out just to put in a request for someone to get back to you about putting your membership on hold so that you're not being billed if you don't plan to go back to the gym anytime soon.

To make matters worse, members found that they were billed immediately when the gyms reopened, perhaps even before they even had a chance to think about if they would be returning to the gym.

In a written statement to Freshdaily, Julie Pontes, senior director of member experience at GoodLife Fitness, said that any errors made in regards to payment during the club's COVID-19 closure would be refunded.

"At GoodLife, we have made every effort to provide a Club environment that is as safe as possible while still providing an exceptional Member experience," she said. "We are very sorry that some of our Members are experiencing a delay in connecting with our Member Experience team."

As the clubs re-open, Pontes added that the club is dealing with an increased number of customer calls.

"Our team, which deals with Member questions, concerns, and requests, is fielding over 10,000 calls per day in addition to thousands of questions via chat, email, and social media."

GoodLife Fitness closed all of it's locations back in March due to the global coronavirus pandemic. At the time, they said that member payments would be suspended and memberships that were paid in full would be frozen

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