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Man suffers broken leg after clash with anti-LGBTQ protesters

A Vancouver resident wound up in the hospital with a broken leg after confronting anti-LGBTQ+ protesters in a queer community stronghold.

Justin Morissette posted on Twitter Saturday night, saying he stood up to a group of homophobic preachers in the West End, a hub for the city's  LGBTQ+ community.

"I don't know why I did this," he wrote. "It felt like the right thing to do and no one else would."

Morissette says that he's not gay himself, but that he couldn't stand to hear the upsetting messages being broadcast across the neighbourhood.

"I just care about my neighbors," he wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Morissette's brave actions resulted in two broken bones in his left leg and a dislocated kneecap — and the ordeal will leave him with metal plates in his leg for the rest of his life.

In a heartwarming show of solidarity, Canadians have responded by raising more than $15,000 to pay for Morissette's medical bills, his loss of income and his legal fees.

The Vancouver Police Department said that two individuals are in custody and facing possible charges of aggravated assault and mischief as a result of the incident.

"VPD will not tolerate any type of hate crimes and will investigate all reports of hate crimes or suspected hate crimes that happen in the City of Vancouver," spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Roed said in a statement.

Morissette has remained seemingly upbeat throughout the ordeal, taking to Twitter to share a funny tidbit about the date that he was supposed to have that evening before he broke his leg.

He also shared the song that he was singing at the top of his lungs as they wheeled him into surgery: I'm Still Standing.

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