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Man arrested for removing social distancing arrows from Shoppers Drug Mart

A man is facing charges after scraping off the social distancing arrows in a Shoppers Drug Mart. 

On Aug. 3, Sandor Ligetfalvy entered the Victoria Avenue store in Niagara Falls with two friends who filmed him as he began pulling the directional arrows off the floor with a scraper in an attempt to send a message. 

"I'm here to liberate the people," Ligetfalvy can be heard saying in a video posted to YouTube

After being confronted by store workers, Ligetfalvy refused to leave the premises and continued with his mission. 

"I will comply with the police, not you or you," he said in another video to the store's manager. "This is not destruction, this is the anti-destruction."

"We need some push back now or there'll be push back never," he continued.

As seen in the two videos, the manager than asks all customers to leave the store, saying she is calling 9-1-1 because someone has a weapon. 

After finally leaving, Ligetfalvy was approached by police.

He will be appearing in court in October for one count of mischief. In December, he will also be appearing in front of a judge for ignoring Niagara Region's mandatory mask bylaw for which he could face a fine of up to $1,000. 

Freshdaily reached out to Loblaw, the parent of Shoppers Drug Mart, but they declined to comment.

Many stores have implemented directional arrows during the COVID-19 pandemic in an attempt to avoid crowded aisles and encourage social distancing. 

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Scrape for Truth

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