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Man trashes Freshii restaurant after being asked to wear a mask

Employees at a Freshii were left shocked by one customer's behaviour on the day that masks became mandatory on the premises. 

Monday, Aug. 24 was the first day of heightened restrictions in the southwestern part of Manitoba. 

Rayanne Henry, a team member at Freshii's Brandon location, took to social media to detail how an erratic visitor trashed the restaurant after being asked to wear a face covering. 

Upon noticing that the man didn't have a mask on, Henry kindly asked the customer to help himself to a free one from a basket sitting at the front entrance. 

freshii brandon manitoba

Exclaiming that he was not wearing a face covering, the customer blasted: "You don’t want to f****ng go there with me. I will blow you up all over the f****ng internet."

Staying calm, Henry replied, "Sir, we’re in a pandemic and if you have a respiratory disease, you are the one that it’s going to kill. Please help yourself to a mask."

The customer continued to insist that "we're not in a f***ing pandemic," demanding that Henry either serve him or "call 911."

The man then proceeded to destroy all of the front displays in the restaurant, even taking a piece of the wall. 

Henry issued an appeal for help identifying the man, sharing a series of photographs and CCTV footage from the incident.

The restaurant worker later updated the post to reveal that the customer has been identified.

freshii brandon manitoba"Thank you all for your continued support in this unfortunate event," she said. 

"Stay healthy, stay safe, and remember.... no one likes a masskhole."

Freshii Brandon later issued a statement on social media about the incident, revealing that the irate customer has yet to apologize for his actions. 

"We are disappointed that there has been no apology to our team members that were following the provincial rules and doing their job as requested or for the damage done to our property and products," wrote the business.

"This is a time when we should all be even more considerate to others than ever before."

The restaurant also thanked staff members who handled the situation in "a calm, professional, and kind manner."

They added, "We are sorry you were a part of this situation but so proud of you both for putting your concern for our business, our guests and our loved ones health first."

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Rayanne Henry

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