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The 15 most valuable bachelor's degrees in Canada by salary

How much will your salary be after graduating from a Canadian university? Well, that largely depends on your bachelor's degree — and also, sadly, your gender (the wage gap is real).

The lists below rank the top 15 bachelor's degrees based on the highest earnings five years after graduation (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) from a recent Statistics Canada study.

Since the salaries vary by gender, the list has been divided into male bachelor's degrees and female bachelor's degrees.

Note that all salaries are based on 2017 constant dollars. Where Statistics Canada did not specify exact amounts, approximations are given based on the charts provided.

Male bachelor's degrees
  • Computer systems networking and telecommunications (approx. $80,000)
  • Construction management (approx. $80,500)
  • Registered nursing, nursing administration, nursing research and clinical nursing (approx. $82,079)
  • General engineering (approx. $82,100)
  • Systems engineering (approx. $82,500)
  • Engineering science (approx. $83,000)
  • Industrial production technologies/technicians (approx. $83,500)
  • Geological/geophysical engineering (approx. $84,000)
  • Mathematics and computer science (approx. $84,500)
  • Computer/information technology administration and management (approx. $85,000)
  • Chemical engineering ($89,637)
  • Nuclear engineering (approx. $90,000)
  • Petroleum engineering (approx. $105,000)
  • Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration ($106,055)
  • Mining and mineral engineering ($111,533)
Female bachelor's degrees
  • Environmental/ environmental health engineering (approx. $68,500)
  • Computer science (approx. $69,000)
  • Practical nursing, vocational nursing and nursing assistants ($70,180)
  • Allied health diagnostic, intervention and treatment professions (approx. $71,000)
  • Civil engineering (approx. $71,500)
  • Computer engineering (approx. $72,900)
  • Management sciences and quantitative methods (approx. $73,000)
  • Registered nursing, nursing administration, nursing research and clinical nursing ($73,169)
  • Materials engineering (approx. $74,000)
  • Electrical, electronics and communications engineering (approx. $75,000)
  • Industrial engineering (approx. $76,000)
  • Mechanical engineering (approx. $77,000)
  • Chemical engineering ($82,193)
  • Mining and mineral engineering ($89,680)
  • Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration ($94,177)
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