its ok to be white

Racist stickers spotted at restaurant in B.C. but owner refuses to remove them

A bar in a small town in British Columbia has come under fire after a customer noticed multiple racist stickers decorating the walls of the establishment. 

Vancouver resident Tom Kato was left shocked upon seeing “It’s ok to be to be white” stickers, as well as symbols of white supremacy, during a visit to the Branding Iron Bar and Grill in Keremeos. 

Kato took to his Facebook page on Aug. 9 to recount what happened during the incident.

"I was just in the Branding Iron Bar and Grill in Keremeos and they had very racist and offensive “it’s ok to be to be white” stickers around the establishment," he explained. 

The stickers also brandished an "okay" hand gesture, which is a common symbol used by white supremacists. 

its ok to be white

"It's ok to be white" sticker above the bridge in the restaurant.

Despite addressing management about what he saw, Kato did not receive any sort of explanation for the stickers. 

"I confronted the owner about the stickers and he just brushed me off quite rudely," he continued. 

Kato finished his post by telling followers that this type of behaviour "is not ok" and "something needs to be done."

He also left photo of the incident and an account of what happened on the restaurant's Google Review page. 

Branding Iron Bar & Grill owner Karl Schorb said he does not believe the stickers are racist.

"I'm not a racist. I have nothing against anybody. I love everybody, I'm a happy person and that's all that counts for me," he said. 

Schorb also added that he does not intend to remove the stickers anytime soon. 

"If the law forces me to take it down, I'll take it down, but it has to be by the law, not by me," he continued. 

Keremeos council recently decided to implement an anti-racism policy into its governing operations.

The policy was drafted to ensure that people are treated fairly by village staff, regardless of race.

“In light of a renewed focus on the issue of racism in the world, it is timely for the Village of Keremeos to adopt an anti-racism policy,” said mayor Mayor Manfred Bauer

Despite the new policy, Bauer revealed that he will not be forcing Branding Iron Bar & Grill to remove the stickers. 

"It's not like we can just pull a business licence because someone has a sticker like that in their restaurant," he said, speaking to CBC.

"I would prefer if any kind of racial comments, whether it's in writing, a picture, or a rhetoric is not in this community and I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of people do not approve of that kind of thing."

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