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Real estate agent caught stealing woman's pears during home viewing in Vancouver

A pear-picking real estate agent has been caught red-handed after stealing all of the fruit that was growing in a homeowner's backyard. 

CCTV footage shows the realtor and two potential buyers filling plastic bags with the fruit during a showing in Vancouver.

In a post in a private Facebook group that was later re-shared publicly on Reddit, owner Jill Chan described what happened as "horrific."

The incident happened after Peter T. Yang from Luxmore Reality brought two potential buyers to view Chan's family home. 

"After noticing our large pear tree and beautiful berry bushes in our garden, and taking advantage of the fact that we weren’t present on site, he started picking the fruit off the trees and eating it," explained Chan in the post.

"Greedily, he went back to his car and got PLASTIC BAGS, and returned inside and stood there and picked EVERY LAST FRUIT from our garden!! He instructed the viewers happily to join him and they took a free for all on our home showing," she continued. 

Adding salt to the wound, Chan claims that the group then proceeded to spit out "all their seeds" all over the ground. 

"Who does this?" she asked.

Yang offered to "give the fruit back" as compensation after Chan complained, however the Vancouver woman denied the offer. 

She added, "I don't believe it is acceptable practice to bag up someone's entire garden at a private home showing like a free market. Truly appalling. He bagged them up and left after."

Chan said that her family were left "distraught" by the behaviour of the realtor, and advised other people to avoid using Yang's services to sell their homes. 

Charles Zhou, a managing broker for Luxmore Realty shared an apology letter on the firm's website to the homeowner on behalf of the realtor.

"I understand that Peter made a really irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour during last Saturday’s home showing," reads the letter. 

"I deeply apologize to the homeowner and her family members who were offended by such behaviour. Peter also feels guilty and regrets his mistakes."

"He is now in the process of making an official apology to the homeowner and also providing them with compensation. Meanwhile, our company will also strengthen all sorts of training, especially educating about property privacy," the statement read.

Zhou also said that his company takes "full responsibility" for what Yang did, adding that he hopes "homeowners and the public will forgive us at this time."

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drizzzybeats via Reddit

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