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A couple's stay at a hotel in Niagara Falls turned into their worst nightmare

A Toronto couple is warning people traveling to Niagara Falls to steer clear of the Sheraton hotel after a weekend getaway that required them to change rooms three times. 

According to Hunter and David (who chose to keep their last names anonymous), the hotel was not complying to basic cleaning standards, never mind those that should be in place during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Given the current pandemic that we're in, we had higher expectations for the cleaning standards of the staff," Hunter said. 

The couple said that their first hotel room had a gaping hole in the ceiling that was evident almost immediately after walking in. The water dripping on to and under the desk from the hole meant that the room smelled strongly of mould. 

"Oddly enough, there was no particles on the floor from the ceiling which led me to believe that it had happened a while ago and it had been cleaned since then but the problem wasn't rectified before they gave us the room," Hunter added.

After speaking with a manager, Hunter and David were moved to a room directly below their first one, which they said also had a "dark, grungy mildew" smell. This meant yet another switch.

 "It looked like it hadn't been maintained prior to that day," Hunter said, noting that there was lots of dust in the room.

While third time's usually the charm, this was not the case.

After being shown to an upgraded hotel room, they noticed heavy dust on the ceiling above the bed but were told by management that, due to COVID-19, they could not be moved again.

"It actually looked like smoke if you've ever seen a room or building on fire."

Since a fourth room was not an option, the pair asked that maintenance come to clean the current one. Instead of first cleaning the ceiling and then changing the bed sheets, though, Hunter said that the opposite was done, leading to a bed full of dust. 

Equally as shocking to them was that maintenance appeared to be using a non anti-bacterial mirror and glass cleaner to clean the wood furniture and the couch instead of a proper sanitizer.  

With hours of their weekend getaway wasted on room changes, Hunter said that him and his partner continued their Niagara Falls stay at another hotel.

"I was really surprised that the hotel kept reiterating that this wasn't their cleaning standard," Hunter said. "But we've been in three rooms and if that's not their cleaning standard then I don't know what it."

Freshdaily reached out to the Sheraton hotel but they declined to comment.

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Hunter and David

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