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Tim Hortons won't sell any more hockey Barbies until a Black version is available

Tim Hortons is shelving its plan to sell the new hockey Barbie at its restaurants until a Black doll is available. So, it may be a while until you can find the toys at your local Timmies.

In a statement on Tuesday, Tim Hortons spokesperson, Solange Bernard confirmed that the coffee chain will not be selling the doll until a Black version is ready.

Other stores are currently selling the white version of the doll and according to Bernard, the Black doll is still being manufactured.

While the plan was to originally have just one Barbie, Tim Hortons decided to delay the launch to make the product more diverse amid protests against anti-Black racism in recent months. 

Tim Hortons began working with toy company Mattel last year to create a hockey-themed Barbie, and now the two are working to rush production of a Black version. 

Mattel said in a statement that they are committed to making sure the "diversity in this line is fully represented."

However, many have taken to Twitter to question the lack of Indigenous and Asian representation in the planned toy release. 

"Lol, so were just gunna ignore indigenous people who actually have a big history playing hockey in Canada...," one person wrote

"What about Asian versions then? All inclusive right," another added.

The proceeds from sales of the Barbie, which is meant to encourage young girls to get involved in hockey, will be donated to a Hockey Canada Foundation initiative aimed at getting girls on the ice.

Both versions of the Barbie will be available at Tim Hortons in November. 

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