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Travel in Canada is about to get more expensive as airports increase fees

Travel is about to get more expensive as Canada's airports will likely start increasing fees to fund some long-recommended safety upgrades to their runways. 

A hefty bill of $360 million for necessary improvements to airports across Canada will only add to the financial problems airports have been facing since the onset of the pandemic. 

A massive decline in passengers has decimated revenue for airports nationwide.

According to a report by the National Post, the federal government first called for the extension of emergency overshoot areas at major airport runways in new regulations which were published back in March.

The timing of the announcement came just weeks before the country went into lockdown due to COVID-19. 

The much-needed overshoots  are designed for emergency situations when planes run out of room while landing.

Ottawa airport has already proposed to increase its airport improvement fee from $23 to $28 from Oct. 1.

Winnipeg airport will also be increasing its fee from $25 to $38 from Sept. 1. 

These fees are charged to every passenger arriving at the airport.

The National Post states that Canada’s standards on the issue are currently lower than the rest of the world. 

Back in August 2005, an Air France jet crashed into a ravine and crashed into a creek after sliding more than 250 metres past the end of the runway at Toronto's Pearson Airport. 

Although there were many serious injuries, all 309 passengers and crew miraculously survived.

The new proposal will require the overshoots to be at least 150 metres long,  increasing from 60 metres with another 90 metres as a "recommendation."

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