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Vancouver bar manager turned away a party bus with 25 people on it

A party bus rolled up outside of a bar in Vancouver on Saturday, with the dozens of riders onboard planning to disembark for drinks — only to have the bar manager send them packing.

Don Falconer, manager of the Living Room Bar at the Hotel Belmont, was working on Saturday night when he says a party bus pulled up outside and 25 people got out, per Global News.

But Falconer put his foot down.

"Take your rolling penthouse party elsewhere," he wrote on Twitter.

British Columbia currently caps groups drinking and dining out at six people per table, and all patrons in restaurants and bars must be seated. Dance floors are also closed for the time being.

According to Falconer, the group of partiers weren't very pleased at being turned away.

"The look on their faces went from confusion to shock to mad so fast," he wrote on Twitter. "It obviously wasn't a bus from the nearest MENSA convention."

Meanwhile, another Vancouver resident spotted a party bus with flashing blue and red lights casually taking a spin around the north end of the city.

Just last week, B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix had some stern words for residents going to rowdy private gatherings after 45 people became infected with COVID-19 from a single house party.

"I want to say something to those who organized private parties, to those who are attending them," Dix said. "Enough."

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