white and privileged clothing lethbridge

Canadian clothing brand White and Privileged gets the backlash it deserves

Canadian clothing brand White and Privileged has shut down its Facebook and Instagram channels following mounting backlash over their company name.

The Lethbridge, Alta. clothing company sells a variety of hoodies, snapbacks and t-shirts branded with the words "white and privileged" through Shopify.

The company shut down its social media channels on Thursday after receiving widespread condemnation for its branding.

The company's website — which includes slogans such as "haters gonna hate" and "it's great to be white" — is still operational as of Friday afternoon.

Canadians across the country took to social media this week to condemn the company's white supremacist branding.

"So, some idiots in Lethbridge have started a clothing company called 'White and Privileged'," one person wrote. "It's sad and disgusting."

"That photo is one of the most threatening images I've ever seen," another person wrote of the promotional picture with the guns, adding that they feel "triggered" by it.

white and privileged clothing lethbridge

White and Privileged's landing page of their Shopify website features the slogan "it's great to be white"

Shopify, the Ottawa-based platform that hosts the clothing company, reportedly has a history of hosting white supremacist platforms.

The company came under fire in 2017 for hosting Breitbart News, a powerful voice for the U.S. alt-right movement that has been accused of propagating white supremacist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic views.

White and Privileged told Freshdaily that the clothing line was never meant to be offensive.

"[Our] clothing line was never meant to come out racist," the company said in an emailed statement. "Everyone uses the term white privilege but we believe privilege can come from any colour if you turn on the TV or look around the city you'll see many successful [People of Colour]." 

"We are truly sorry how everything came about."

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