maple syrup heist

Canadian maple syrup heist drama continues as top court prepares to hear case

Talk about a sticky situation; the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist is making headlines again as Canada's top court prepares to weigh in on the multi-million dollar maple syrup trafficking scheme.

Yup, for real. Only in Canada, eh?

The situation first came to light in 2012 when police busted the thieves for stealing $18 million worth of sap.

The thieves transported the sap to a remote sugar shack where they siphoned off the syrup and then sold it to distributors in Vermont and New Brunswick.

Even crazier? The maple syrup theft is actually considered to be the most expensive theft in Canadian history.

Accused ringleader Robert Vallieres was found guilty of fraud, trafficking and theft of 9,500 barrels of maple syrup.

The Quebec Superior Court first ordered Vallieres to pay nearly $10 million in fines over a decade, and the Court of Appeal then lowered the fine to $1 million. By removing the restitution order, the amount owed was only $171,397.

Now, the Supreme Court of Canada will determine whether the Court of Appeal erred in reviewing the amount of the victim fine.

The maple syrup heist only went on for a few months but judging by the fact that there's a song and even a Netflix show about it, the scheme will leave a much longer legacy.

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Logan Jackson

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