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Crowds of people not wearing masks took over Niagara Falls during the long weekend

Visitors of Niagara Falls did not let the spread of COVID-19 stop them from enjoying their long weekend. 

Instead, photos and videos of crowds swarming the ever popular Clifton Hill have already begun circulating on social media and let's just say the global pandemic did not seem to be on people's minds as they celebrated Labour Day

Despite the large number of people taking in the city's tourist attractions, many did not appear to be wearing face masks.

Others also seemed to be ignoring physical distancing guidelines which include avoiding large crowds and keeping 2 metres away from those outside your bubble. 

This is not the first time mass crowds have been an issue at Niagara Falls since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, similar videos and photos emerged during the long weekends in May and July.

As a result, visitors and residents have called on government officials to better enforce COVID-19 guidelines in the city, including closing off Clifton Hill to drivers to allow for more space to walk safely. 

With cases in Ontario rising, Premier Doug Ford began the weekend by reminding people to practice social distancing as much as possible. 

The region of Niagara currently has 948 COVID-19 cases while Ontario sits at 43,161. 

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