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Woman says human rights violated after LUSH store kicks her out for not wearing mask

A woman in Kelowna, B.C. is making waves on social media after being asked to leave a LUSH store for refusing to wear a mask. 

A video circulating online shows a heated exchange between a customer, LUSH employees, and a security who tell the woman she must leave the store as she is not following store policy which requires all customers to wear a mask. 

In response, the woman says that it is her right to walk through the store without a mask, given that she has a medical condition preventing her from wearing a face covering. 

"Explain to me how my human rights, with my medical condition, cannot walk through a store when it's totally fine for me to walk through a store," she said. 

The security guard then asks for a medical note to which the woman says that it is none of his business.

"I don't need to give you my medical note, I have my puffer with me but that's none of your business," she said, adding that the store employees are harassing her. 

I know the law and I know my constitutional human rights." 

Many have commented on the video, which was originally filmed by the customer but reshared by one of the employee's mothers. 

"A store is private property. They have the right to refuse service and right to refuse entry. She's not being forced to do anything. She can CHOOSE to put on a mask and shop there, or not to wear a mask and shop online or somewhere else," someone else wrote.

Others, who defended the customer, said that she was being bullied.

Masks have been mandatory in all LUSH stores since July 18.

"As of Saturday, July 18th, face coverings are now mandatory in all Lush stores across North America," the store said in a COVID-19 update.

"Shoppers who wish to enter a store but do not have their own face covering will be provided with one, or can choose contactless ordering instead by remaining outside the store while staff assist. The change comes following new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, along with our ongoing commitment to the safety of our customers, staff and overall community."

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