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Masks Over Hugs group crashes anti-mask protest in Canada

A Hugs Over Masks (HOM) gathering that took place over the weekend in Vancouver had a group of unexpected guests: mask-wearing young men protesting against the protestors.

Let's break that down.

Hugs Over Masks is a civilian group that leads protests against mandatory face coverings in Canada.

The anonymous counter-group of young men that appeared at Kitsilano Beach on Saturday are in favour of masks (which the science also supports, just in case you missed it).

They're calling themselves "Masks Over Hugs."

The group gave out free masks and hand sanitizer, and stood beside a cheeky trifold that read "Do It For Bonnie" in reference to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

masks over hugs

People set up a table to try to hand out masks to anti-maskers.

B.C. hasn't made it mandatory to wear face masks in public, but Vancouver now requires residents to don them on a public bus, boat or train, as well as onboard BC Ferries vessels.

It's still unclear if Masks Over Hugs is a legitimate organization, a new grassroots collective, or merely a group of local Vancouver frat boys having a laugh — but they managed to draw at least one HOM member to their stand.

B.C. HOM leader Marcella Desjarlais shared the images of the Masks Over Hugs stand to Facebook on Saturday, saying that she had a "great discussion" with the young men.

"I questioned them and asked them for their data and information to back up why they stand for what they do," she told Freshdaily. "They had none."

She added that they were a "great group of dudes" but "very close-minded and not willing to put in the work."

masks over hugs

The Hugs Over Masks people are notorious anti-vaxxers.

Desjarlais isn't against face masks; she told Freshdaily that she's "for all information" when it comes to wearing masks, whether it's for or against them.

"I'm not anti-mask," she said. "I am pro-choice."

No word yet on who the anonymous young men behind Masks Over Hugs actually are.

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Marcella Desjarlais

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