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These are the provinces in Canada where COVID-19 cases are rising the most

As we brace ourselves for a second wave of COVID-19, many provinces in Canada are, again, dealing with significant rises in case numbers. 

While some provinces saw a downward trend in coronavirus cases throughout the summer, unfortunately, things have only worsened as the fall season came around.

This past weekend, Canada confirmed over 150,000 COVID-19 infections with about 131,000 of those listed as recovered or resolved and over 9,000 deaths. 

The provinces with the largest surge in COVID-19 numbers unsurprisingly include Quebec and Ontario. 

On Sunday, Quebec reported a staggering 896 new cases, bringing the provincial total to 71,901 with a total of 5,825 deaths. 

As a result, Christian Dubé, Quebec's minister of health, said in a recent interview that certain regions of the province would soon announce a red alert.

Although details of what the alert includes have not been released, Dubé hinted that restrictions would likely affect bars and restaurants. 

Ontario, on other hand, reported 700 new cases on Monday, the most ever on a single since the beginning of the pandemic. This number surpasses a previous high of 640 back in April.

Just last week, the Ontario government announced new, stricter health measures to help curb rising COVID-19 cases. This includes forcing all strip clubs to close yet again and making sure all bars and restaurants stop selling alcohol after 11 p.m. and close by 12 a.m.

Manitoba also continues to add to its daily case count. Over the weekend, the province reported 116 new cases, bringing their total to 1,880 since early March.

On Monday, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area, including the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas, were moved to an orange level on the province's pandemic response sytem, meaning gatherings are limited to 10 people whether you're indoors or outdoors. 

In Alberta's last update on Friday, there were 153 new cases of coronavirus although their top doctor has said that the province is not yet in a second wave. 

B.C.'s latest update was also on Friday, when the province reported 98 new cases, bringing the total up to 8,641.

Cases in Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia remain low. On Sunday, the Yukon reported its first COVID-19 infection in 50 days. 

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