montreal anti mask protest

There was a big anti-mask protest in Montreal and people were waving Trump flags

An anti-mask protest took place in Montreal on Wednesday, with hundreds of people rallying in Lafontaine Park to protest against Quebec's mandate on face coverings.

Maskless protestors sang, danced and hugged, ignoring all physical distancing guidelines.

Demonstrators condemned government regulations and attacked the "propaganda" circulated by the media.

Multiple speakers questioned public health mandates on mask wearing and physical distancing, with several people also announcing that they would refuse to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump and American flags appeared alongside flags of the Front de Libération du Quebec, the separatist and terrorist paramilitary group behind the 1970 October Crisis.

On Wednesday, Premier Francois Legault announced steep fines for violating public health regulations just hours before the protest took place.

In Montreal, which has recently been re-designated a COVID-19 red zone, people who refuse to wear masks in public spaces now face fines up to $1,000.

This isn't the first anti-mask protest that's taken place in Montreal; demonstrators have been active since July.

Quebec political officials seem to be growing increasingly frustrated with the anti-mask protests in light of the surging COVID-19 case numbers across the province.

On Sept. 29, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante had sharp words for anti-maskers in the city during a televised interview.

"Go protest in a potato field," she told demonstrators.

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