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Canada says Halloween can go ahead this year and people are ecstatic but confused

Will Halloween in Canada be cancelled in 2020? Apparently not, according to the country's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam — so you can start dreaming about those mini O'Henry bars now.

Tam gave trick-or-treating the green light while speaking at a briefing in Ottawa on Tuesday.

"It's finding a balance," Tam said. "There are ways to actually manage this outdoors."

Tam advised that parents add a face mask to their child's costume, as well as offer pre-packaged candy (instead of a communal candy bowl that everyone will be rummaging in).

She also said that Canadians should get inventive when it comes to handing out candy by using a hockey stick or a candy chute to maintain a safe distance.

Not every Canadian is on board with Tam's message, however; some are pointing out that it seems odd since government officials were just asking Canadians to skip Thanksgiving celebrations with family members outside their household this year.

"This seems illogical after Thanksgiving," one person wrote. "I will be happy to leave treats on my doorstep, however, if Halloween is going ahead."

"Has she never trick or treated before because social distancing is not possible when you are handing out candy," another person added.

And it's not just the average Canadian that's confused about trick-or-treating; Toronto Mayor John Tory is asking public health officials for a clear stance on Halloween.

"Looking ahead to Halloween, now less than three weeks away, the Mayors and Chairs will strongly advocate for one clear public health message, preferably coming from the province, by the end of the week," an Oct. 13 statement reads.

Canadians may want to hold off on stockpiling chocolate bars just yet, however; Tam stressed that Canadians should listen to local public health guidance when it comes to the final say on Halloween.

But, hey, even if Halloween is cancelled in your city, there's always spooky Netflix films to help you celebrate indoors.

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