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This is how Canada reacted to news Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19

Canadian politicians are sending their well wishes to U.S. President Donald Trump after he tested positive for COVID-19. 

Trump took to Twitter early Friday morning to announce that he and his wife, Melania Trump, had both contracted coronavirus and are beginning their quarantine and recovery process immediately. 

In response, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also posted to social media, saying the he hopes for a full recovery for the president and his wife. 

This, of course, prompted many reactions from fellow Canadians, some who approved of the prime minister's message and others who clearly did not. 

"Thank you @JustinTrudeau. Humanity demands well wishes for everyone. To rise above our visceral reactions. This is what human beings who espouse justice for all should be doing," someone else wrote.

Toronto Mayor John Tory similarly wished the Trumps a speedy recovery. 

However, he also went on to say that this serves as a message for everyone to take COVID-19 seriously by taking the proper precautions. 

Other prominent Canadian figures also spoke out, including lawyer Warren Kinsella. 

And Gerald Butts, a political consultant who previously served for Trudeau. 

The news comes just days after Trump and Joe Biden took part in their first presidential debate on Tuesday night, which sparked a huge uptick in Americans researching how to move to Canada. 

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