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A flower shop in Canada is giving back to Karens

A flower shop in Canada is showing some love for people with the name Karen. 

Co-owners of Edmonton florist Flowers on 50th Karen Ferguson and her sister Christel recently started a promotion offering free flowers to anyone with the name Karen.

This comes as, in 2020, the name has become associated with a certain type of middle-class white woman exhibiting her privilege and demanding to speak to a manager. 

"We are here for Karens for the next week so anyone named Karen can come in a get some free flowers," a sign outside the shop's door says. 

"We thought Karens deserve some love because of all the memes out there, some funny, some mean."

In an interview with Freshdaily, Ferguson said that she does not take any of the Karen memes or jokes to heart, but knows that some people do. 

"There are a lot of Karens out there that do take it to heart. One called me this morning and said that she's worried because she has resumes out there and she's like, 'Are they not calling me because my name is Karen?'"

As a result, Ferguson said that the promotion started as a fun, positive, and light-hearted thing to do during the pandemic. 

"On Tuesday, my sister and I, we took our Thanksgiving day sign down and were like, 'It's too early for Christmas.'So, on a whim, we were like, 'What can we put on the sign between Thanksgiving and Christmas?'" she explained, saying that they just wanted to do something funny.

Many people who share the name took to social media to express their gratitude for the flower shop. 

"I am a 61 year old Karen. I don’t want free flowers I just want to say I love this. Well done. So proud of my name that my Dad gave me," one person wrote on Facebook.

"Love this, our daughter Karen sure gets a lot of baloney because of her name!!" another person added. 

However, Ferguson said that they never expected it to take off as it did. 

"We had no idea how impactful and how it would touch a funny bone and touch a nerve with so many Karens and so many other people. People are getting a chuckle out of it."

The promotion is running for a week and anyone with the name Karen can bring ID to the shop, which has been in business for more than 30 years, located on 4008 50 Street to get their free flowers. 

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