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Canadians react to fly on Mike Pence during U.S. debate

Americans aren't the only ones poking fun at the fly that landed on Mike Pence during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday. Canadians, like comedian and actor Jim Carrey, have lots to say as well. 

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, the Canadian star made his thoughts on Pence loud and clear while, of course, referencing that now-famous fly with a drawing of the vice president alongside the words "Pence doesn't know shit but flies do." 

Besides this, Carrey also speculated for his followers what Pence might have been thinking during the debate.

Many seemed to agree with Carrey and even praised him for a humorous drawing. 

"Keep 'em coming! I love your wit and you are quite an artist to boot! Jim Carrey... the whole package!" someone else wrote.

However, the tweet didn't sit too well with everyone. Some went on to criticize Carrey for involving himself in politics while also calling him immature. 

"Never seen such an immature adult," another person added.

This, of course, didn't stop other prominent Canadians from joining in on the fly fun, including singer Ria Mae who posted an edited video of the incident with a simple caption of, "Good morning."

Good morning ☕️

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Actress and singer Lennon Stella simply told her followers to vote blue. 

vote blue 💙

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Prior to the debate, many Canadians were cheering Senator Kamala Harris on and continued to support her after it was over. 

"Cheering you on from Canada! You knocked it out of the park!" a Twitter user wrote to Harris.

Earlier this week, a Canadian author even released a comic book about Harris' time growing up in Montreal called Kamala in Canada.

No matter which side you were cheering for during the debate, it's pretty clear that the fly was the winner. 

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