boys wearing skirts to school

High school boys in Canada are wearing skirts to school to protest sexist dress codes

High school boys in Quebec are wearing skirts to school as part of a protest against sexist uniform dress code regulations. 

Last week, a growing movement declared Wednesday as the day for boys to wear skirts to school to not only fight against the hypersexualization of women's bodies but also to break the gender code surrounding different types of clothes. 

"It's also to attack dress codes that are deemed sexist and degrading for people who wear skirts, and all parts of a uniform that could be seen as non-egalitarian," Colin Renaud, a student at Villa Maria, told the Montreal Gazette

"I don't feel like wearing one every day. But I respect people who do. As a symbol, I will wear it with pleasure."

Students at multiple other schools across the province joined in on the protest.

"I explained to the school that the message is about the pressure imposed on women, and sexual assault. These things have to change. It feels like a movement that speaks to our generation," Simon Lefebvre-Gagnon, a student at Lucille-Teasdale International School, added.

Students also made the argument that policies requiring skirts to be a maximum of 10 centimetres above the knee are sexist in unfair, especially since there are no equivalent restrictions on the clothing generally worn by boys.

The movement continued this week, as boys chose to wear skirts to school again on Tuesday.

In fact, at Collège Nouvelles Frontières, 100 male students showed up to class wearing skirts to fight against the double standard in school dress codes.

Many online have applauded the boys' efforts to bring attention to this issue.

"Awesome! We need more of He for She," another person wrote.

The movement is expected to last the entire month. 

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