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Justice minister calls white supremacists sad losers after big rally in Edmonton

Alberta justice minister Kaycee Madu is speaking out after a white supremacist rally took place in Edmonton on Tuesday. 

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Madu decried the rally, calling those who organized it a group of "sad losers." 

In a follow up post, Madu went on to explain that he condemns any group who discriminates against race, ethnicity, or colour of skin, including white supremacists. 

The event occurred in a shopping centre parking lot where a large group of about 50 people were shouting, "all lives matter." Police were called after a dispute erupted between them and another large group who were chanting "Black lives matter."

While the one group, who called themselves "patriots", accused the others of being "anti-fascists", the other group accused their opponents of being "Nazis."

Both sides told CTV News that they were not affiliated with any particular groups. 

At an unrelated press conference on Wednesday, Premier Jason Kenney condemned any racism and racial prejudice as well. 

"I think it’s unfortunate that we’ve got a small number of kooks who go around trying to get attention for a message of hate. I don’t think we should give them the attention that they crave," he said. 

Mayor Don Iverson also chimed in on social media. 

This comes just over a week after violence erupted at a anti-racism rally in Red Deer which prompted the RCMP to launch a criminal investigation.

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