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There's now a Justin Trudeau action figure but it's not what you think

Have you ever wondered what an action figure of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might look like? Well, look no further because Conservative leader Erin O'Toole has you covered. 

On Thursday, the politician took to Twitter to share some thoughts on Canada's prime minister while touching on a recent allegation claiming Trudeau has met with a Chinese businessman recently charged with an illegal gambling ring in Toronto. 

In the tweet, O'Toole says Trudeau met with "a man alleged to be the architect of a criminal, heavily armed casino operation" and "who has ties to the Chinese Communist Party." O'Toole posted a picture of a JT action figure, with a big "Made in China" sticker plastered to it. 

What's truly for sale, in O'Toole's opinion? Canadian values. 

Many who agreed with the Conservative leader found the image to be hilarious. 

"Trudeau does seem to have an affinity for the CCP, much to the detriment of Canadians," someone else wrote on Twitter.

Others found the tactic extremely "childish" and unprofessional. 

"This ad is incredibly juvenile and an insult to the intelligence of Canadians. Keep it up so that Canadians can see how little you have to offer them, Mr. O'Toole," another person tweeted.

Others even commented on O'Toole's continued use of "immature" images and memes.

This comes about a week after O'Toole released another poster in which he referred to himself Canada's handyman and described Trudeau as Canada's poster boy. 

Unfortunately for some, these action figures aren't actually for sale and will only live on in O'Toole's political tactics. 

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Erin O'Toole

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