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Orange lobster rescued from a crate shipped from Canada is one in 30 million

A rare orange lobster from Canada narrowly escaped becoming dinner after it was saved by a fishmonger in England.

Fishmonger Steve Atkinson discovered the pumpkin-coloured crustacean in a crate after it was delivered to Neve Fishmongers in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

The vibrant lobster immediately stood out compared to the other run-of-the-mill brown lobsters; in fact, the little orange guy is so rare that the odds of spotting one are about 1 in 30 million.

Fortunately, Atkinson realized just how unique the lobster was, and he contacted Sea Life Blackpool, who rehomed the crustacean.

The orange lobster is now happily swimming at the aquarium, where he will remain on display to the general public.

And judging by the videos, he's already making a splash.

Weird coloration in lobsters are generally caused by genetics; orange-coloured lobsters, for example, can be caused by a lack of a certain protein.

When it comes to odd-coloured lobsters, Canada doesn't just have orange ones; fisherman have also spotted blue lobsters and even split-tone lobsters in recent months.

Lead photo by

Sea Life Blackpool

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