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Police in Canada respond to distress call about snake inside store at gas station

Police officers in Canada were called to the scene at a local gas station after an employee encountered an unexpected customer: a snake. 

On Tuesday, the RCMP in Cochrane, Alberta took to social media to share photos of the incident, which wasn't quite what they expected. According to police, the gas station employee called to report a snake in the store, however, when officers arrived, they found a small, "cute" garden snake instead. 

While the little visitor did not turn out to be dangerous, officers stuck around to help coax it out from under a chip display and release it back outside. 

Many people online praised the officers for going above and beyond and helping the employee out anyway. 

"If it was a slow night, why not? If the employee phoned 911, an officer is required to respond anyway. No need to wake animal control for a tiny little snake. Another way to look at it: he took initiative and got the job done himself," someone else wrote.

Others even found the incident pretty relatable, adding that they would have also called for help. 

"Thank you thank you lol that would so be me, snakes and lizards are my biggest fears!" someone wrote on Facebook.

Of course, there are some who find the snake absolutely adorable. 

Let's just say the situation could have been a lot worse. 

Lead photo by

RCMP Alberta

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